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Jiangsu Sutie Metallurgical Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is based on the original "Jiangdu Metallurgical Machinery Factory" through restructuring, Siwon in 1968, is the domestic production of iron furnace coking, coke oven equipment, furnace door, frame, protection board, shutter, bridge pipe, valve, plug and other professional factory, and Anshan coking and refractory Institute, Shanxi hospital design unit has a close cooperation relationship and good examples of cooperation. For more than 400 large, medium and small coking enterprises to provide a variety of furnace type complete sets of equipment, and exported to Japan, India, Vietnam and other countries, by users.
Enterprise employees 320 people, engineering and technical personnel 38 people, the factory covers an area of 27860 square meters in die casting, machining, assembly, welding and other production as a whole, the annual production capacity of 12000 tons, production facilities, a large planer bed, milling machine, boring machine, special combination machine bed and other types of machinery and equipment more than 130 taiwan. Strict quality management, establish and improve the quality assurance system, and strictly according to the lS09000 certification. Enterprises can produce room 4.3 meters high 5.5 meters 6 meters 6.2 meters 7 meters of coke oven, furnace box furnace protection board, column, column and various types of catamaran, single closure, bridge pipe, valve, gas cock, cock hole and negative pressure sheet etc.. From raw materials into the factory to implement the whole process monitoring and control, detection means advanced, reliable. With the production of various grades of gray, ductile, and heat resistant cast iron, such as complete sets of equipment. And in 96 years with Southeast University jointly developed by rare earth vermicular cast iron furnace door, frame, protection board, through the provincial identification, in the domestic first, reached the advanced level, closure, 4.3 meters, 5.5 meters, 6.25 meters, 6 meters, 7 meters, 7.63 meters for the Ministry of metallurgy Buyou title cock. And for dozens of maanshansteel, Tang Gang Henan, Jiyuan Jinma Steel coking enterprises.
The enterprise is located in the Yangtze River Delta region of Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou City, Jiangdu Cao Wang Cun Park, north-south Beijing Shanghai high-speed things connected with the Shanghai Chengdu expressway, Ningtong expressway. I plant in Yangzhou to less than thirty km, Ningqi railway, Yangzhou Taizhou airport to our only a dozen kilometers, is China's famous huamuzhixiang. With the implementation of modernization, and accelerate the pace of development along the Yangtze River development, Zhuang Dazhong Jiangsu Sutie Metallurgical Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. wholeheartedly for the domestic and foreign iron and steel, coking, chemical and other enterprises to provide high-quality, good service. Sincerely welcome new and old customers, coking, iron and steel industry experts and colleagues to visit our factory to guide.

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