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Coke oven technology

Optimization and improvement of coking technology of large coke oven in China

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The definition of large coke oven is changed with the increasing volume of coking chamber and the progress of coking technology. In the mid-1980s, the main stream of coke ovens in China was the 4.3m-high top mounted coke oven. The 5.5m-high top mounted coke oven built in Pangang and the 6m-high top mounted coke oven introduced by Baosteel in 1985 promoted the development of large-scale coke oven. With the development of JN60 type top loaded coke oven with 6 m high carbonization chamber designed and built by ourselves in Beijing Coking Plant, 6 m top loaded coke oven has gradually become the main type of coke oven in 1990s.
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